Our History

Know About Us

Sharda-Medicals has a vast experience in the medical field and has been serving people of India since 1982. We have a vision to provide the best services at a very affordable rate.

It has implemented a Systematic Healthcare Information System. Computerization and networking are the key areas in the Healthcare Information System. The purpose of implementation of an information system is proper recording and retrieval of the health records, reduction in time for a process and communication with the second tier of the health system.

Hospital has implemented a telemedicine network, which connects each of its facilities, so expert care is never out of reach. It provides services covering Radiology Reporting, Pathology Reporting as well as Training and Education opportunities.

The goal of Sharda-Medicals is to provide medical resources of high quality to all who need them; that is, to ensure good quality of life, to cure illnesses when possible and to extend life expectancy. Sharda-Medicals is committed to delivering world-class health care by creating institutes of excellence within the hospital in order to provide utmost care. The first step in the direction of implementing quality management in healthcare is to make the processes patient-oriented. Quality management in healthcare begins with the patients, and we have fully harmonised with their needs. As patients' requirements and expectations vary over time, quality management has to keep upgrading itself to keep up with the changing needs and demands. There are various tools or indicators which are in place at the hospital to assess the quality of services we provide to patients without any acquired infection.